What a Nurse Case Manager Does in Workers Comp

The main aim of the Nurse Case Manager is to help the employee who is injured to get to back to work faster. They will do this by finding out the kind of medical help that is required and also arrange a way on how those services will be provided. They will ensure that they talk to the employee about the role they have in the process of recovery and also get in touch with the medical providers.


When a worker is injured, they are sure to be going through the process of the worker's compensation. They are also likely to have some doctor's appointments to attend to and even to get the medical equipment that is needed. These injured employees will even be taking some prescription drugs and may also be undergoing the process of physical therapy. In some situations, the insurance for workers' compensation will employ the nurse case manager so that they help those who are injured to perform these tasks. The worker who is injured needs to understand the rights that they have during the process of compensations. Learn more about workers compensation at


In most of the situations, the nurse case managers are usually registered, nurses. They can go the hospital appointment as long as the patient has allowed them to. They can also talk to the patient and their physician concerning the treatment of the patient. These professionals are responsible for helping the patient get the kind of medical attention that they need. They will also be providing information to the adjuster for insurance about the authorization for treatment and the visits to the doctor.


The case manager is essential for the physician. This is because they will ensure that there is accurate information between the doctor and the patient. For the worker who is injured, the nurse case manager will confirm the information that the worker is giving. They will also assure the employee that the treatment is going on fine. Workers comp nurse case manager will also check to see if any problems are related to the care they are receiving. When the worker is not getting the care that they need, then the nurse case worker will raise some concern and take the necessary action to get rid of the problem.


Understanding the process of the workers' compensation can be confusing when you have not understood these concepts. It is important that you have a workers' compensation professional at who is ready to give you all the help you need.